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SMB 3.0 Multipath over Nic Team in Windows Server 2012

During Testing with Windows Server 2012 and reading a lot of slides from TechEd 2012, SMB 3 Multichannel over a Team should work. So I stated my Tests.  First of all two recommondations for a SMB 3 Multichannel:
- Normal TEAM will not support a SMB 3 Multichannel
- RSS must be enabled on the TEAM

 For the Test we took 3 Intel NICs in an DELL PowerEDGE R710 Server and teamed them together. Result is TEAM1 (Static "Normal" Teaming) . This Team was created on both R710 Server. Windows Server 2012 build 8400 installed.

Team with 3 Intel 1Gbps / Static Teaming

Now we stated the copy with some ISO Files. The Result was 1 Gbps datatransfer.

Static Teaming with SMB 3.0 without Multichannel, RSS is enabled

Step 2: let's try an other Teaming Mode: Switch independent, sends on all active members, receives on one NIC. So 1GB/s is expected

Switch Independent with SMB 3.0 also no mutlichannel.

Step 3: So switch over to LACP Mode.Please configure your Switch to accept LACP and Create for every Team on your Windows Server 2012 a dedicated LACP Port Group. For this test we used the DELL PowerConnect 6224 Switch

Two LACP Groups for each Server and Nic Team. Server 1 = L1 / Server 2 = L2asdf

The Team configuration:

only when the switch is configured correctly, LACP will be able to be turned on.

Switch LACP with SMB 3.0 and  mutlichannel
Here we have a perfect SMB Multichannel.

Very interesting is the selected LAG Hash Algorithm Type. With Type "1" we have the performance left from the Arrow and with Hash Algorithm Type "5" the performance will rise from 220 MB/s to 297 MB/s. So please contact your Network Admins before creating a TEAM with LACP.

 And if you disable RSS on the TEAM the whole traffic will be reduced to 1Gbps.

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