Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Add iSCSI Multipath to an running iSCSI Connection with Server 2012

If you are running an iSCSI Connection you have to install the Feature: Multipath I/O

no restart required.

Then sgo to "search" and type in MPIO

under "Discover Multi Paths" click "Add support for iSCSI devices" and "Add"

after that a reboot is required

you can see the new entry

after reboot start the iSCSI Initiator

click in the IQN you want to multichannel with MPIO

go to connect and select "enable multi-path" click on advanced

Select iSCSI Initiator and select the "second" new Network Connection (here and select the Target portal IP---click OK

under devices in the iSCSI initiator you should see 2 Adresses, click in MPIO

You shoul see 2 paths.

Start a copy job. Now both iscsi NIC are in use.

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