Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Storage Spaces Direct - Microsoft Windows Server 2016

A new great storage Feature in Windows Server 2016 is Storage Spaces Direct. Also known as Shared Nothing Scale out File Server.

The video from Ignite 2015 is here

Here are the features and requirements:

It can be deployed on Hyper-V  Server as "Private Cloud Hyper-Converged" installations
for small to medium size environment

Technical Preview 2 not yet  7:50 in video
update: Storage Spaces Direct works great in TP2
update 2: Storage Spaces Direct is much faster in TP3

It can be deployed in traditional way " Privat Cloud Storage"
Typically larger scale out deployments

  • File System will be ReFS as primary file system
  • Up to 240 Disks per Pool
  • RDMA interconnect for low latency and low CPU usage
  • Rebalancing for capacity (add node or remove node)
  • Technical Preview 2 -- min. 4 Server - max 12 server - max of 240 disk in a pool
Required Hardware from DELL : R730xd (4 of them / LSI 9207-8i (Perc is not running at the moment)

Storage Spaces Data Placement:

Virtual disk consists of Extents (1GB)

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