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Windows Server Volume Replication - Storage Replica

For a Server to Server scenario

1.) Install Windows Feature: Windows Volume Replication and File Server
2.) Create two exact looking Hard Drives LUNs (Data up to 10TB,Log up to 10% of DATA should be SSD) per Server and format with GPT
3.) open PowerShell with Administrator Rights
4.) run 

New-SRPartnership -SourceComputerName w10-01 -SourceRGName RG01 -ReplicationMode Synchronous -SourceVolumeName e: -SourceLogVolumeName f: -DestinationComputerName w10-02.de1.loc -DestinationRGName rg02 -DestinationVolumeName e: -DestinationLogVolumeName f: -LogSizeInBytes 8gb

5.) The destination LUN will be marked as RAW, at the moment you cannot access this without deleting the SR Group and delete the SR Partnership
6.) Delete SR Partnership and Group
7) run on Source Server (PowerShell)

Get-SRPartnership | Remove-SRPartnership
Get-SRGroup | % { Remove-SRGroup -Name $ }

8) run on Destination Server (PowerShell)

Get-SRGroup | % { Remove-SRGroup -Name $ }

9) Access the files on Destionation Server mirror

10) during working with WVR check:
On the source server for events 5002, 2200, and 5015.
On the destination server for events 5015, 5001, and 5009

Update 8.10.2014 New Whitepaper from Microsoft : here

Two good links:



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