Montag, 3. März 2014

Epic Solution Fails in Project planning

During the support and implementation of many IT projects, I found the recurrent epic fails in IT projects. You should never do the following things in or before a project.

1) Plan on beta or not supported Hard / Software Features or the magic firmware that will bring the redeeming solution. This feature will never be ready when your project has to be ready. NEVER

2) Please, CIO out there, never never plan the success of your IT project on 1.0 Software or Hardware Releases. They are and will be full of unplanned behavior and bugs. Let the other guys fix the first bugs

3) Believe Marketing

4) Complex Solutions, the devil is in the detail, and will cause failures. So concentrate on "Keep it simple" (KIS) solutions. They will look simple but are mostly rock solide solutions.

5) Test phase smaller than 1 Month. No hasty reactions in IT Project they are too complex for this kind of acting. TEST TEST TEST and by the way, create a kind documentation during testing.

6) This is really old school still need a test environment for your productive world where you can do Domain Controller Fire Drills and test the patch behavior from MS or your loved vendor.

7) Missing education. Imagine the following situation. The IT project will update only 2 main applications. Exchange (upgrade) and new Lync integration. This are worlds of new features, administration tasks and problems. How can you manage to learn this whole super complex new stuff ? So plan a lot of eduction during testing phase !

working on it...

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